Aretha: How to Be A Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor, David Remnick’s moving profile of complex, mysterious, brilliant, notoriously infuriating singer Aretha Franklin, sent us looking for videos of the great diva in action. We stumbled on this rough beauty of seventy-something Aretha playing piano herself, in a mode that was more churchlike gospel – her roots — than theater performance. If you’re tired or troubled, or need uplift to your day, her groove will hearten you.

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Roz Chast Channels Marie Kondo

Roz Chast’s “Wonderland” describes the rabbit hole the internet can be, enticing us to follow the trail of astonishing treasures we never knew existed. In true Chastian fashion, she illustrates each discovery and their additive nature, shouting “I COULD NOT STOP LOOKING….”. Chast almost seems to be channeling Japanese de-cluttering philosopher Marie Kondo…

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Why The Glass is Always Totally Full

In response to A New View of Losing Years of Work, a reader named Ann sent us this perfect cartoon and commentary: I’m not sure this link* will take you to the place I intend. I want to link you to the cartoon that shows a man tied to a chair while masked men steal…

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