Ever since we read Ocean Vuong’s astonishing poem Someday I’ll Love Ocean Vuong in the New Yorker, we’ve followed the 27-year-old poet by occasionally visiting his tumblr, Field Notes. We love clicking “random post‘ for surprises and mind-shifts we find helpful in navigating the world, work, love, being. Here’s a short collection of perfect pearls to take you through the week, each a tiny, potent meditation.

We draw great comfort in this:


…and fireflies:


…And find this to be an incredibly wise — and spacious —view of time:

…This is more nuanced and powerful than “glass half full/empty”, (and reminds us of all we have)
ocean vuong poverty vs wealth


…We need Ginsberg’s reminder of the necessary and essential risk of loving:

…and an enticing bathroom’s lesson in wallpaper, color and flowers;

ocean vuong bathtub with flowers 0

…We had not quite put our finger on what deep, dear friends really do:


…The path forward…Hmmm. Where do we want to go this week?

ocean vuong snowy road


Find Vuong’s Field Notes here. His first collection of poems is Night Sky with Exit Wounds.

top image: cestvibe, via unsatin

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One thought on “Perfect Pearls via Ocean Vuong

  1. Nice…and just so you know, I often click on Surprise Me! for the very same reason.

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