(Video link here.) Legendary choreographer Bill T. Jones, cellist Joshua Roman and vocalist Somi didn’t know exactly what was going to happen when they took the stage at TED on morning in 2015. They had never worked together.  They knew they wanted the audience to witness creative collaboration in action, so they improvised five astonishing minutes.

We found piece totally dispelled the blues of an already hard week.  What art can do! Even the transcript makes a moving poem, with an essential instruction embedded in it…

0:11 Isadora Duncan — (Music) — crazy, long-legged woman from San Francisco, got tired of this country, and she wanted to get out.

0:26 Isadora was famous somewhere around 1908 for putting up a blue curtain, and she would stand with her hands over her solar plexus and she would wait, and she would wait, and then, she would move.

0:52 (Music)

1:20 Josh and I and Somi call this piece “The Red Circle and the Blue Curtain.” Red circle. Blue curtain. But, this is not the beginning of the 20th century. This is a morning in Vancouver in 2015.

2:02 (Music) (Singing)

3:25 Come on, Josh!

3:27 (Music)

3:45 (Singing) Go!

4:23 Are we there yet? I don’t think so.

4:28 Hey, yeah!

4:30 (Music)

4:48 What time is it?


4:52 Where are we?

4:58 Josh.

5:02 Somi.

5:05 Bill T.

5:07 Josh.

5:12 Somi.

5:17 Bill T.

6:01 (Applause)

6:19 Yeah, yeah!

This is the fat kernel of wisdom that we’re walking around with now…

‘….she would wait, and she would wait, and then,

she would move…’

We will wait, and we will wait, and then, we will move…

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