While researching a project at the Fashion Institute of Technology library, we noticed the bright red bookends that kept books in place on shelves and tables, and jazzed up the well-used florescent-lit surroundings. The vivid primary color totally transformed the common bookend into something both graphic and stylish…and practical. We wondered if we could find them.

bookends red steel FIT

And we did…two almost-as-great new version at Amazon. Plain steel bookends with a similar arch as FIT’s are $20 a pair…

bookends red steel with arch


A pair of Steelmaster 9-inch bookends in red costs about $15…

bookends red steel

$9 in cobalt blue…

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider


Vintage ones from the 80s are completely swell. These are from BigBTumbleweed’s Etsy store…


Just search vintage red steel bookends, industrial red steel bookends and you’ll find treasures like these, also at Etsy



Next time we’re at FIT, we’re gonna see if we can track their’s down..

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