(Video link here.) At the age of 49, blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil dove in to save her life. This 2-minute video tells the story of one of the most inspiring leaps we’ve seen of late. Complete with the perfect mantra for change.

I was afraid.  What is going to happen to me in all-l-l this water?

The kids said: Look at that old lady trying to learn how to swim.

And I said to myself, Why not now? And I jumped in.


From that first terrifying leap, Stancil went on to become an award-winning senior olympic swimmer who has started a foundation that provides free swim lessons to kids and adults.

Something clicked in my head. I realized it was up to me to take control. 

Stancil put the icing on WHY NOT? the question we ask daily to challenge ourselves and moved it into new territory.

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What would be good to apply THAT question to this morning?


From The Kids Should See This

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2 replies on “Why Not Now? (Vivian Stancil’s Leap)

  1. This is wonderful~

    About a month ago I started swimming 4-6 times a week, and Stancil is spot on – Why Not Now?!!

  2. Stancil really resonated with me. When I turned 50, I learned to REALLY swim, having been an ocean surf baby who could just do the dog paddle and breast stroke. It unleashed a lot of power.

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