(Video link here.) ‘Miraculous’ is what we think as watch a bean (a kind of seed) sprout and valiantly push through the soil to bloom into a full-grown plant. It reminded us of this revelatory hunk we found in Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl:

A seed knows how to wait. Most seeds wait for at least a year before starting to grow; a cherry seed can wait for a hundred years with no problem. What exactly each seed is waiting for is known only to that seed. Some unique trigger-combination of temperature-moisture-light and many other things is required to convince a seed to jump off the deep end and take its chance—to take its one and only chance to grow…

…When you are in the forest, for every tree that you see, there are at least a hundred more trees waiting in the soil, alive and fervently wishing to be…

…After scientists broke open the coat of a lotus seed (Nelumbo nucifera) and coddled the embryo into growth, they kept the empty husk. When they radiocarbon-dated this discarded outer shell, they discovered that their seedling had been waiting for them within a peat bog in China for no less than two thousand years. This tiny seed had stubbornly kept up the hope of its own future while entire human civilizations rose and fell. And then one day this little plant’s yearning finally burst forth within a laboratory. I wonder where it is right now.

Each beginning is the end of a waiting. We are each given exactly one chance to be. Each of us is both impossible and inevitable. Every replete tree was first a seed that waited. 


Each beginning is the end of a waiting. 

We are each given exactly one chance to be. Each of us is both impossible and inevitable.


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3 replies on “Timelapse Wonder of a Seed Sprouting: ‘Each Beginning Is the End of Waiting’ (Hope Jahrens)

  1. The tree has the key to our existence. No wonder the scriptures recorded it that not every tree came on their own but that God moulded clay to create some trees and it is called the tree of life. (Genesis)

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