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One thought on “Bathrooms Designed for Our Intellectual and Creative Selves

  1. With all respect, I disagree.

    A long box with the door open and a view into the woods and the sea beyond with absolutely no electronics or intellectual distractions is the absolute best place to meditate and clear one’s mind and body of useless thoughts and food wastes, listening to bees bumbling around the wildflowers and birds hoo-hooing at sunrise.

    Fie on all that intellectual and electronic claptrap.

    We have so few opportunities to grab a moment of peace in our busy lives,
    so that when nature forces us, on a daily basis, to sit down quietly, why not embrace that opportunity to both cleanse and recenter our physical and mental selves in order to proceed into the day newborn?

    Even sans such an an idyllic outdoor setting, no matter wherever we are,
    how much healthier to take a quiet moment to breathe,
    meditate or pray in silence than answer emails or check social media?

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