Whenever we look at images of designer Paola Navone’s homes, we come away with a zillion ideas that we could actually do, without a ton of dough.  She has a unique ability to transform ordinary things into deconstructed, charming, often astonishingly-beautiful new uses.  We’ve compiled our favorite inspiring and steal-able ideas.

Like chairs painted a vivid green accompany a table made of planks used by workmen, painted gray with red staples (above). An assemblage of unmatched vintage storage furniture are both interesting and practical, curiously lightened by her collection of old glass vessels

We love the room-dividing curtains hung at each end of her kitchen, from long rods attached to the ceiling. And the wall in her kitchen painted partly black and partly white.

The volcano tables Navone designed each has a different finish. Our favorite is wrapped with black cord. Her expanse of sofas makes a case for the beauty of white linen slip covers…

…something she seems to repeat in many of her homes. In her Greek summer home she stenciled rugs onto the bare floors.

paola navone's stenciled floor rug

|With her Ghost Chair, she deconstructed and liberated the slip cover, loosely draping the fabric and stitching its seam inside-out.

Ghost armchair designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

Navone loves chairs. She took the carcasses of two chairs and created new seats out of green glass, festooned with pompoms from India.

I love to give a second chance to objects.

She hung wire crates on the wall to make a ledge that also seems like an artful display of…them.


In Umbria, she used tiles like a freeform rug on the wood floor under the huge dining table, with a monochrome array of mismatched chairs.


Our favorite is wardrobes used as room dividers, their contents hidden simple curtains.


bottom two images Wichmann+Bendtsen

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