Since the convergence of Covid-19 and the run-up to the election, I’ve been increasingly bombarded with homemade mini zeitgeist-videos expressing the pent-up emotions we’re all sharing during this rocky time. The best of these I forward to good friends; mostly, I enjoy a good chuckle, then hit delete.

I’ve kept this one on my desktop, however, to pick me up when I’m really out of sorts and ready to snap, possibly endangering a many-decades-old marriage that is, in itself, a fragile, albeit loving kind of quarantine.

I especially love the little girl’s fierce hand gestures at the end. We’ve adopted these hand-flaps as a signal to each other that blares a silent warning: Beware! Back off. I’m gonna snap!

This body-language vaccine has been proven effective in all situations, notably at breakfast or dinner time — especially after a couple of glasses of wine — and works well both indoors and out. Side effects include lower blood pressure and increased contentment. S.B. Dworski

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