For those who to use a shared laundry room say, in an apartment building or laundromat, we’ve found a solution to a common vexing problem: strong synthetic perfume residue left in the machine from the previous user’s detergent. We’d tried every fix we found on the internet to eradicate annoying floral perfumes residue that would permeate our newly-washed clothes —Borax, baking soda, washing soda, white vinegar…— to no avail.

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When Covid 19 appeared, we started spraying the inside of the machine with Seventh Generation’s thyme-based disinfecting spray (about $5 at many markets) to eradicate any scary germs. (Thyme oil is a natural disinfectant). Not only did it disinfect the machine, it neutralized the lingering fake floral scents we find so irritating. Its herbal scent doesn’t linger once the clothes are dried. (It eliminates perfume smells from dryers as well.)

Although we haven’t tried it, we imagine it would work well on the other disturbing olfactory culprits we’ve read about online, like mildew and mold.

We LOVE finding little solutions to everyday irritants….

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