The Big Power of Teeny Gifts

Virginia del Giudice of La Percalina in Buenos Aires sent us a tiny gift via a friend. The wrapping was SO wonderful, that we felt as though we had been given something mysterious, deeply special: a treasure. We took our time unwrapping it and were reminded  that when a gift is wonderfully-wrapped, opening it is,…

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Stylish Fashion from Your Fridge + Market

Virginia del Giudice sent us these utterly fab, seriously-stylish fashions made of fruits, vegetables and a few strokes of a brush. Gretchen Roehrs, who has reinterpreted Givenchy and Sonia Rykiel, has some serious X-ray vision, to SEE the possibilities in the most ordinary vegetables and fruits.

We wish that getting dressed were as easy as opening our refrigerator and grab a leaf of chard or kale to wear. We’ve discovered that…

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Permanent Hopscotch for Spontaneous Skip + Jump

Photographer Virginia del Giudice has been sending us sightings from her travels in Amsterdam of random brilliant “everyday” improvisations the Dutch have come up with. Here’s a favorite: numbered tiles formed into a hopscotch grid and placed permanently on the sidewalk, for a quick spontaneous skip and jump on your way to do an errand or go…

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