Fab Fermob’s Outdoor Furniture INDOORS

Having bought vintage furniture years ago that I still love, I rarely buy a new piece unless I really need it (and/or see something SO spectacular, I can’t resist).  And what I needed when I moved into my Harlem space was a table for the terrace. I fell in love with the Fermob Tertio table because it’s stylish enough…

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Slotted Angle Iron Shelving, Bed, TV Stand, more

At London’s Southbank Centre, architecture studio Jonathan Tuckey Design created an archival space featuring a mid-century shelving system that echoed the building’s heritage. When we looked closely, we realized it is made of slotted angle iron, an inexpensive structuring material available at many hardware stores. We first realized its potential for creating modular furniture when we bought a second-hand copy of High-Tech, The Industrial…

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