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I continue to mull ways to merge office and bedroom without sleeping in the midst of the fray of papers and projects…and stumbled on an interesting variant of the idea posted earlier, of creating a little shed in the office/bedroom that would be a sleeping cocoon, protected from officey stuff and the idea of never-finished work. This version of a “room (cocoon) bed” from Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Spain has a wonderful view (a nature preserve). Not so in my city digs.

To create a view, I’m fooling around with the idea of making a “room (cocoon) bed” whose fabric walls are printed with a trompe l’oeil photo mural, like this “roomscape” by Dutch designer Bauke Knottnerus. I imagine that a serene image might help keep the office out of my thoughts, and my dreams. (Advanced Digital Textiles says they can print just about any photograph or artwork on fabric panels, up to 132 inches wide, so the possibilities are vast.)


The idea isn’t “there” yet, just interesting possibilities and lots of questions. Would a photo mural of, say, a tree (or a forest), or distant horizon on the sea, or…a view of a larger room be too real/unreal and mindboggling for any feeling of tranquility and separation? What would be the perfect image to print on fabric?

What do you think?

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3 replies on “trompe l’oeil room (cocoon) bed: opinions wanted

  1. When I first saw the bed cocoon I thought that was a mural (not an actual nature preserve). I think I would recreate that image on the wall or on canvas. Or create a reversible version with two different nature scenes to suit your mood.

    Such a cool idea. I may employ this in my dimly lit, one window office.

  2. A couple of friends emailed me their take on the trompe l’oeil room/cocoon bed idea, to add to the mix:
    From Andrea Raisfeld ( and
    “I think a green scene would be calming to the mind and spirit. And, maybe it would be interesting, though clearly more expensive, to have that scene change with the seasons.”

    From Christopher Deatherage:
    “Interesting question. I see where you’re going, but I would think for you the difficulty arises in potentially losing natural light from the windows for the bed cocoon. Challenging idea

  3. This bed has a really special feel to it…like Japanese “found landscape”. However, to make changing the sheets, etc. more practical, put mattress on bottom-mounted pullout glides with a thin ply top, wood front flange to conceal metal…beauty and practicality! Peta

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