Maria Robledo

Maria Robledo sent this photo from her iPhone with a short, expressive email: “Holton served these cheeries w the empty glass for the pits .  Liked the improvised moment”

We like the improvised moment, too and the fun, useful little solutions that mysteriously come…

We’ve noticed that once we started thinking about the idea of improvising, we began to see it happening all around us; we began to DO it ourselves a lot more. Just a slight shift in view, really, turns it into a practice…

We discovered that improvising is really about following ideas as they connect one to another, even with the most ordinary things…like a blog post pointing in many directions – to a recipe for warm fresh cherries, or where to buy the glass, or Holton’s or Maria’s artwork, OR maybe your own brilliant, unexpected idea…

(BTW, you can click here to find out where to buy the swell, thin $3 glass that Holton used for cherry pits; it is useful for many things…we often use it as a vase for a small bunch of flowers, and for individual rice puddings…and Amontillado milkshakes…)

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Warm Fresh Cherries with Leaves

Little Makeshift Vases

Thanks Maria and Holton!

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6 replies on “how to serve fresh cherries…

  1. Gosh I’m in love with this site. My mother-in-law pointed it out to me and I’m so thankful. I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of this post.

  2. seeing this, i immediately thought of all the plastic communion cups i threw away last sunday. tuck one of those in with a small bowl of cherries and then, come clean up time, you chuck the cup and the pits together.


  3. Or give everyone enjoying the cherries their own little cup for the pits: The stylish colored ones from the gelato shop that you hate to recycle and end up bringing home hoping you can find a really good use for them. That way you can put more cherries in the serving bowl!

  4. Yeah, come to think of it, there are lots of little vessels that would work.

  5. We glad you’re here. Thanks!

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