Danielle over at Style Files posted this wonderful giant trivet – a beautiful plank of rough-cut wood – that she saw VT Wonen, a Dutch magazine. She calls it a “pan coaster”…

…a good idea flies from one place to another on the internet…

(The black-satin cast-iron pots and pan are from Le Creuset. Search outlets for reclaimed wood by state and city at Green Eco Services.)

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Tailor-Made Cutting Board

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8 replies on “giant wooden trivet (a gorgeous rough board, d-i-y)

  1. I was delighted to see the black, burnished-clay serving vessel with the mad-hatter top!!! Your readers might like to know that it is ‘probably’ from Columbia, or possibly Oaxaxa, Mexico. Made of a hand-formed clay that is lead-free!!! It can be used in the microwave, oven, stove-top, without problems. I even put mine in the dishwaster! All of my table-top pieces and cooking vessels are of this genre, only in red clay. They are lovely to hold and stroke; smooth to the touch. How delightful to be able to use them each and every day; form & function blending so beautifully. I live in southern Mexico and am particularly fond of the Zapotec indigenous women’s co-op that have made mine. We have a personal relationship, and when I have visitors off we go for a visit. People can get their hands in the clay and make their own piece, fired in the open air of the family courtyard in a pit. The women are proud, independent & a cheerful group.

  2. I have always admired those vessels but knew little about them. Thanks so much for this info and memory.

  3. Yeah, for sure, odd size boards make for great trivets and serving pieces.

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