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Holton Rower and his daughter Sofia are in Russia on Patch Adams’ Clown Tour. Patch is the famous radical-thinking medical doctor and founder of the Gesundheit Institute who believes in laughter, joy and creativity as immune boosters. Every year he takes a group of folks to Russia for two weeks, to spread clown medicine in hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes. “No experience necessary.”

Holton and Sofia decorated the walls in old people hospital with blue tape they brought with them from New York…one of the best applications we’ve seen for Tape Paintings.

It occurs to us that blue painter’s masking tape is the perfect non-damaging material for d-i-y subversive decoration of dreary hospital rooms

Patch’s real story is a far cry from the treacly Robin Williams movie about him. Check out this bit of Patch telling about the transforming and completely unexpected event of his life:

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Thanks Maria!

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2 replies on “d-i-y blue tape paintings in the hospital

  1. clowning is very hard , especially with some of the hospitals visited, for a 2 week
    visit to russia they see over 20 hospitals and they are the lowest and most poor ones.
    The depletion from giving it all needs to be noticed.

  2. Maria, thank you for writing to tell us this “…the depletion from giving it all”…noticed and honored: an amazing thing to do.

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