Want a place to read Design/Interiors/Home/D-I-Y blogs all in one place? Check out Remodelista’s Design Newsstand, which brings their great, curated selection of blogs together, organized by general categories, like Fabulous Femmes, Hipster & Minimalist, Exotica, Design Magazines Online…

Like a great newsstand, it invites browsing (it’s in beta, and is a bit wonky on Safari still)…

We’re pleased to be included in Renovators & DIYers, though we were thinking the category a little limited and concrete for what we do. Maybe not though…we ARE about renovating, inside (our heads) and out…

Thanks Remodelista!

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2 replies on “remodelista’s newsstand (we’re in it)

  1. congratulations!
    well deserved, and happy that more people will be discovering your fantastic site!

    david john

  2. THANK YOU!. That is so nice of you to write. Congratulations to you, too! I love your site and check it daily.

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