At Reference Library, we read about a unique service designed to change your life. New Daily Dance is “a service that choreographs personalized, contemporary rituals and happenings that bridge the gap between where you are now and your most desired future.” Their theory is that the secret to your most desirable future is hidden in your daily routines – that the way we move affects the direction of our lives. Daily Dance will create a routine/ritual that aids in shifting your life toward where you want it to go, an idea we find incredibly intriguing.  Here’s an example:

“A recent client asked for a New Ritual to relieve some of the anxiety of her daily urban commute… For the mornings, we choreographed the “zip up dance” based on zipping in good feelings from her home environment, and provided a sachet for her to gather fresh herbs from her garden to take into the subway for holding and smelling. For the evening, we choreographed a happening where a masseuse met her at a specified place and time on the subway platform where she then received a hand, arm, shoulder, and neck massage while waiting for her train. She reported a great sense of emotional and physical relief in her daily commute, now having both the ongoing sachet collection morning ritual to take into the train, plus a reason to smile on the subway platform in the evenings with the massage memory. Both activities added to the memory of the space.”

We found the photo above on New Daily Dance’s website, under the header  CONSUME TIME INSTEAD OF SPENDING IT,an idea that stopped us in our tracks.

It’s a four part experiential beverage series, Seasons. “Our focus was the urban commuter, their hunger for a relationship with nature, and the need to enhance their experience of seasonal change in an urban environment…Each beverage is distributed only during its respective season. The label of thin wood veneer establishes a tangible relationship to the natural world through touch, and flavoring is both seasonally inspired and regionally adjusted.

We do believe this charming drink might shift the view a bit. What do you think?

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One thought on “new daily dance: staging possibility to shift your life

  1. This is Liz Broda saw your feed on inflammation and today’s stories I think you’ve got something there I had my information checked by a doctor inflammation causes many problems in the body as you know I have cancer I just wanted to let you know you girls are really onto it if I can help you in anyway just let me know I said I have eons of experience what a great job you’re doing and a great contribution to society bless you both on the great work you’re doing

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