Constantino Nivola outdoor room Artists Handmade Houses
Don Freeman

We’ve found a ton a great ideas in Artists’ Handmade Houses, the prize in our latest book giveaway. Check out this lovely outdoor “room” that Constantino Nivola created on his Long Island property.

In his garden, Nivola constructed outdoor “rooms” suggested by freestanding architectural structures, such as the wisteria-covered pergola, fireplace, bench, and wall shown here. The artist and his daughter, Claire, would paint murals on this wall using water-soluble paint, which over the course of several years, would wash away. The two would then whitewash the surface and replace what had been there with something new.–Michael Gotkin

Beautiful ideas, both: the outdoor “rooms” and the impermanent paintings…

Entering the giveaway is easy. Details are here, along with great images (and ideas). 

Constantino Nivola outdoor hearth room
photographer unknown

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