Anthony Giglio cooking
photo: sally schneider

Our friend Anthony Giglio is a journalist, sommelier, and the author of many acclaimed books on wine and cocktails, including the Food & Wine Magazine’s Wine Guide 2011. He travels around the country leading wine tastings and helping people navigate the vast world of wine, cocktails, and “what goes with what”. He does all of this with a sense of humor that borders on irreverent, often shocking connoisseurs with his candor. A great cook, he is also one of the best dinner party hosts we know – invitations to his parties are coveted! – largely due to his ability to put himself in his guest’s shoes and think of ways to delight them from the moment they walk in the door. (He taught us Mama Lucia’s Insalata di Pomodoro, THE best approach to real summer tomatoes, which he’s dishing out in the photo above.)

We’ve been so impressed by his smart, simple strategies for entertaining that we’ve asked him to guest blog for ‘the improvised life’, starting with the post that follows.

Anthony’s now on our masthead but he does so many things well that we’re not sure what to call him…Master of Celebrations… Improvisational Entertainer… Entertainer Extraordinaire… Resident Sensualist? As you get to know him, let us know your thoughts!

Anthony Giglio's dinner party
photo: sally schneider


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