repaired headphones
photo: tara mann

This old pair of headphones still worked but one stem had broken. Rather than toss them, we asked our friend and sometimes assistant Tara Mann if she would do a visually-pleasing repair. Which she did, using colored electrician’s tape. We keep these old phones as back-ups to our regular ones, and find ourselves pulling them out surprisingly often, for one reason or another…as we do pairs of old glasses. We rely on a selection of colored tapes – electricians and masking –  black and white gaffer’s tape, and lately, zebra duct tape not to mention Sugru and various glues to make our repairs, always keeping visuals in mind, an interesting challenge. It gives damaged goods new life and a subtle message: REPAIRS ARE COOL…

and illuminating, as we are reminded by the late great Platform 21 ‘s spot-on Repair Manifesto…

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