Yesterday we stumbled on this beautiful image of decoupage scanned from the 1948 Modeles de Decoupages, les Albums du Pere Castor. It was part of a series of cheap children’s books published by Flammarian. We thought: wouldn’t that make a swell virtual ‘flower arrangement’ to send someone via email…just to say hi or wish them an immediate, special greeting. So we emailed it to our friend Suzanne Shaker, whose birthday it is today, a virtual HAPPY BIRTHDAY that we will follow by a REAL celebration and gift (since we’re of a mind that you should celebrate your birthday for MONTHS after the fact, in many ways, with many friends…)

Then we found this wonderful birthday cake from another of the Pere Castor series, and sent it to our friend Tom Fallon, to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Decoupages de Peres Castor, Flammarian
…It’s part of our collection of  rare and inventive images of flowers and cakes to send our homemade, virtual wishes, in advance of real-time ones.


via An Ambitious Project Collapsing

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