photo: anthony giglio

Our friend and resident oenophile Anthony Giglio snapped this picture of a rather bold and desperate masking tape repair. We see it as a fine example of what we are frequently told is the powerful effect of reading ‘the improvised life’ daily: gradually you’re vision changes. You not only ‘see’ and delight in found improvisations around you, but you also find yourself improvising solutions to all sorts of dilemmas.

Who needs an auto body shop?

This crazy repair eminded us of There I Fixed It, a blog chock full of desperate, uninhibited and sometimes brilliant fixes.

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5 replies on “sighting: extreme masking tape repair

  1. Sadly this makes me think that they’re too cheap for duct tape or something with a proper grip and hold to it. (Says the woman who HAS used duct tape for autobody repair) Masking tape will come off in fairly short order 🙁

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