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5 replies on “what helps you see things differently?

  1. What helps me see things differently -if i got the q right- are, for example:

    conversations /interviews -how other people see the world
    placing a potted almond tree next to my entrance
    sorting out things (shifted my view on what i really need)
    re-arranging details at home
    design & art (as found on your blog)
    photography (i like trying out a different perspective)
    science ( e.g. 3D printing, as explained here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2011/09/3d-printing-blood-vessels/42608/ )
    So i guess sometimes it is more an expansion of view, yet that is already very inspiring to me.
    Maybe the most important point is:


  2. ‘expansion of the view’ is a great way of putting it. I appreciate your list, including conversations and ‘placing a potted almond tree next to my entrance’. And are with you: the most important point is IMAGINATION. Thanks a million.

  3. if I find my inner voice getting too “judgey” regarding how a person is acting I use this line:
    “maybe it’s her birthday”.

    I find it always clears away snarling grumpy judgements that are brewing

  4. Wow. what an interesting and novel way to dispel judgements. Such an essential thing. Once someone told me to “assume positive intent” to shift a situation, and remember that there are factors in the other persons life I just don’t know about…

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