'humus 2012' by giuseppe licari
‘humus 2012’ by giuseppe licari

Our love of trees has led us to imagine many ways to use fallen trunks and limbs indoors. But we NEVER thought of this!

'humus 2012' by giuseppe licari
‘humus 2012’ by giuseppe licari

Rooted and suspended all at once: mind blown!

via designboom

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4 replies on “tree-vision: tree roots emerge from the ceiling

  1. Coincides with me taking on woodworking and we went to collect some pieces, they had just cut down some poplar trees and i wanted to take a part with roots, but a stump like above would have been too heavy , alas !
    This is really an interesting idea, which leads to many more ideas for ( or underneath) them ( i’d put one in a room and work from there ..lights !)

    Is tere a lamp in the shape of plant ( tree ) roots? Could be made from transluscent material, using LEDs or the like .
    ok, over and out . haven’t finished my pieces, yet .


  2. Speak of the devil. I have plans to post some lighted tree iterations soon. Stay tuned!

  3. I have always been a lover of branches and logs to transform into decor. What can be better than natural organic designs!

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