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We found this today on the strange, great, illuminating Daily Fluxus Do It Yourself Instructions:


1. Identify the happiest feeling of the day.
2. Put it in a jar.
3. Switch it if something happier happens.

We’re wondering if this happiness jar would work in a similar way as jars full of air captured in a special place we posted about some time ago: when we look at them, we know that there is a bit of that place in there, along with good memories.

Can we activate happiness with this iteration from Fluxus?

What else could we store in a jar to remind us of what we need to remember?


via Daily Fluxus Do It Yourself Instructions

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4 replies on “a jar of happiness (or other treasures)

  1. something nice from a walk in the park, or a peculiar pebble you found on your way , dry flower seed (-pods ) -and imagine to let them grow ; an old glass marble , a button, ribbon or decorative stone you took from an old bag or jacket that you love ; burnt-low-candlestick from spec.eve. shell . a key(to happiness : ) . marzipan-heart. fave coffee beans . dried flower heads. beautiful dry beans . little piece of paper or fave tape you worked with ..maybe write something on it , a keyword, spontaneously or a little reminder ..maybe fold over , because you could add up things for a certain while and then look at the jar (when in need of happiness , also for friend ). (and maybe then let go for new wonderful things to come to you). wrapped little sweets (bonbon, choc-bean, small cookie). symbols for what you like , e.g. a star, Sun, Buddha, pendant, prec.stone. title or line of fave song . dried spice.
    finally , to come back to original idea ,let the sun shine into it, sing into it, let a friend say something into it, catch a few birdsongs and smiles; quickly close the jar ..and empty it out into the sky before refill ???

    I feel that our hearts could be such jars ,filled with the good (also that which came out of difficult; the little gifts of life ), so maybe this is just an ‘external’ reminder .
    The good thing is, when you let go, the idea stays (or a flower grows), but you make room for something new, wonderful . And ‘it’ knows it’s welcome : )


    ps . maybe a picture every day , saying what’s in it .

  2. What a lovely riff of ideas. Thank you Sahana. I love “I feel that our hearts could be such jars….”

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