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We’re smitten with the Quad Trivet a cool Indegogo project. It consists of 16 wooden cubes — oiled walnut or maple — connected by a flexible, durable, heat-resistant silicone strip inserted in the underside of the cubes. This structure allows various configurations and different applications ranging from a compact squares and rectangles to a widespread circular shape.

It’s a trivet you can configure to any size pot, a design game you can play with and leave sitting on a coffee table….We’re thinking we’d wear it as a necklace. (Video link here.)

It would make a swell gift, and support a new venture.

via Better Living Through Design

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One thought on “cool design: quad trivet…game…necklace (indiegogo)

  1. LOVE this! Just kicked in for a pair of them to give as “new kitchen” gifts–one for myself, one for a pal.

    My pal had asked me what I wanted as a housewarming gift (“nothing, really,” I had told her. “just for your lovely family to help us “warm up” the house”). Then I saw this post, sent her the link, and she loves it too.

    As we get older, moms realize it’s okay to buy things we love for ourselves. And to ask for what we really want directly. Liberating! Yay personal growth!

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