HP digitally printed wallcovering

Having had a mother who was obsessed with busy, French-provinical wallpaper, I’ve always steered clear from any semblance of a wall covering. Until, that is, companies like HP devised a latex printer that will digitally print your own designs to make cool wall-coverings.

A number of companies will help you do this…like New Era4wallsFlavorPaper. Apparently, the HP Latex Printing Technologies allow you to print on a huge array of materials like non-woven wallpaper, paper, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC-free media, coated substrates, uncoated substrates, embossed media, and textiles.

Lot’s of possibilities there…(The key is a digital file with high enough resolution to blow up BIG.) I’m thinking of that fab ball-point pen wallpaper designed by alissia melka-teichroew that we blogged ages ago, which has haunted me ever since. 

ballpoint wallpaper by alissia melka-teichroew

What designs would you devise for your walls?

via Design Milk

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