Eagle-eyed Maria Robledo sent us this fab art work (sadly unattributed). We wonder who the wise person/artist is who so clearly expressed the sense of LACK we all so often feel, that goes with self-criticism and imagining perfect worlds that don’t exist.

We wonder: What is the opposite of that?

I am here

I am whole

I am enough


We found two beauties in the archive: The first by the great, wise Anne Herbert of Peace and Love and Noticing the Miracles:

Anne Herbert
Anne Herbert


comparison leads to violence

2 replies on “What is the Opposite of Lack, Self-Criticism, Wishful Thinking?

  1. That piece looks a lot like Ray Johnson’s art mail.

  2. It DOES look like Ray Johnson’s work though I couldn’t find any sign of it. But thank you so much for turning me on to Ray Johnson! Wonderful stuff.

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