The Thrilling Adventure of Familiar Frontiers

(Video link HERE.) Mickey Smith is a surf photographer from Cornwall, England whose six minute video of wave riding in the ominous North Sea is a stunning, nail biting, vicarious experience for urbanistas and land-locked couch potatoes. But diving beyond the hair-raising visuals, listening to Smith’s philosophy of life is what makes this clip intriguing. Smith says, “I never…

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The Baked Apple Improvisations

Maria Robledo’s Instagram of baked apples reminded me of my favorite baked apple recipe that I had at a dinner party one evening. They had an intense apple flavor brought out by modest ingredients: red current jelly, lemon juice and a little butter. Because the apples had been cored all the way through and covered…

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Possibilities in the Realm of Bike Design

After we stumbled on this image of an crazy beautiful bike with square wheels, we followed links to a Classic Bikes Auction being held by Copake Auction. The online catalogue is surprisingly compelling, with all sorts of iterations on 2 and 3-wheeled human-powered vehicles, some like fanciful sculptures. (We can imagine having the square-wheeled bike in our…

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