Today has been a DAY. All morning long we watched as Tinypass alerts came into Improvised Life’s inbox, announcing subscribers to our new Friends with Benefits subscription service. One by one they landed like butterflies. We saw names we’ve never seen before, people who have been reading and following and enjoying Improvised Life enough to help it survive.

We deeply appreciate your very tangible support and good will as we follow a path we know to be true:  Never Try, Never Know.If we had never tried publishing Improvised Life we would never have connected with the many thousands of awesome people interested in living expansively, shifting their view, pushing their own limits, or pushed our own and discovered abilities we never knew we had. If we don’t try this experiment in crowd-funding, we will never know if it’s possible to thrive in the world this way —a way that seems increasingly possible/probably—or not.

“Trying”always means the possibility of failure, or of things turning out differently than we’d hoped. In that way, it takes some courage, and a LEAP.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who are helping us risk, leap, try, see what happens…

Edward Muybridge


Want more inspiration. You’ll find a whole trove of “leaping” photos at Getty Images, like this astonishing beauty. Artist Jane Eakin sits on the shoulders of rope-skipping champion Gordon Hathaway in 1947, courtesy of Time and Life Pictures.







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One thought on “If We Never Tried, We’d Never Know… What’s Possible

  1. Sally, I’ve been a huge fan of the site for several years now and have contributed in the past. I’m delighted to do so again and become a subscriber to ensure that Improvised Life can continue and grow. You’ve helped me to look at so many different things from a shifted perspective and to open myself up creatively. That’s priceless!

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