On Friday morning, we were blasted out of our normal routine by a call from a friend in dire straits. With that, we abruptly entered another world: of Emergency Room and hospital…different air, vibration, requirements altogether as life and death co-existed (as they always do) but now we felt them clearly.  Priorities reordered instantly: many things had to be set aside in order to help, keep vigil, suss doctors, make food, comfort…we hoped that all else would take care of itself, or others would take care of it…

We posted sporadically and still notices of new subscriptions kept appearing from strangers who seemed to be saying, It’s all fine. Take some time. We’re there!

In the midst of it, going to or coming home from the hospital, we were aware of the scent of linden in the air.

Today we had the great pleasure of bringing our friend HOME, to our home, where we will keep an eye on him until he just fine enough to be on his own. We and he are in linden-scented air now, amazed at the many ordinary joys we missed these past six days, finding great joy in the ordinary, the miraculous everyday.

It rained and the air is cool, with lightening in the distance. Cherries are in season,  Perhaps tomorrow we’ll collect linden blossoms to make some tea — thé de tilleul as it is called in France— as we do every year…

Erin Boyle/readingmytealeaves.com
Erin Boyle/readingmytealeaves.com


The Silver Linden, above, is from Mitch Epstein’s wondrous New York Arbor.

With thanks to the many friends and strangers who sent us their good wishes.




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5 replies on “Ordinary Joy. The Joy of Ordinary and…Linden Tea.

  1. Finally got to sign up as friend with benefits…..but in trying to do so late at night ended up initially just re-subcribing…..I now get two of your wonderful emails a morning. Would appreciate it if you could remove
    the second…too much of a good thing cannot be appreciate properly.

    PS Had a stroke in February and found many of your postings were helpful in getting me over the rough spots and on to recovery and appreciation of what I have and can do and what I want to focus on going

    thanks, Susan

  2. Do everything you can to relax; enjoy silence and the absence of emergency. Hospital vigils are most exhausting. Best wishes for your lucky friend who has the good fortune to recover in your sanctuary.

  3. Thank you Sally. Your comfort and support are beautiful. Just like you
    Hospitals are necessary at times ( don’t I know it!) but so great to get out!
    Love, Nina

  4. Always a pleasure to get your words each day whatever state the world finds you in…it reminds me that we are all faced with unanticipated events in life and we just have to do what we need to do…carry on, love, laugh, hug, improvise, repeat…thank you for that!

  5. Thanks so much, Kim. Well, I appear to be a good reminder of the unanticipated these days…and deeply appreciate the good wishes and graciousness of Improvised Life’s very generous readers. A tonic!

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