We would happily give every Improvised Life article away for free —all 3000 of them— as we did for nearly five years with great pleasure…

…if we could.

But we can’t much longer. We need money to survive, to pay for the many expenses that our increased readership has brought, and to buy time to write our articles, which are a massive undertaking.

Our bottom-line yearly budget is a modest $50,000. To achieve that we need to ramp-up subscriptions. We’ve made about $10,000 since we launched Friends with Benefits in late May, without the usual harangues and pleas to subscribe. But at the rate we’re going, we will have to raise our rates, or cut the number of postings way back to make time for paying work…

Improvised Life inhabits a unique niche among websites. We hear daily that those that follow it take much from it and love that it’s ad-free, uncluttered, calm, made “by hand”.  If that’s you, please consider becoming a Friend with Benefits.

We’re calling on Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune, and YOU to help. Become a Friends with Benefits and help keep Improvised Life and it’s wonderful community chugging along.

For our current Friends with Benefits: our deepest thanks for being THERE. We appreciate your spreading the word.



If you’ve found illumination, joy, or inspiration in this post, please consider supporting Improvised Life. It only takes a minute to make a secure donation that helps pay our many costs. A little goes a long way towards helping Improvised Life continue to live ad-free in the world.

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7 replies on “Calling on Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and YOU

  1. How would I increase the amount of my Friends With Benefits contribution? Is there a place on the site I can log in to change the amount?

  2. Elizabeth, What a good question. I should know the answer after making a plea for support. I went onto my own Tinypass account to see if it is possible but was unable to. I have sent the question to Tinypass support and will get back to you.

    Thanks so much for asking.

    BTW: When you go into your account you can GIFT someone Improvised Life… an idea.

  3. Sally – I have the same questions as Elizabeth. And just to give you an idea of what I would be willing to pay, it would be at least $50/year. I support Brain Pickings for $10/month.

  4. Sally – I love my subscription, and will definitely ramp up my efforts to get more friends/family to subscribe as well! And I’ll say for the record that if you do end up needing to support the site with ads, I will still continue to visit daily, unhindered 🙂

  5. Thanks. Passing the posts on, and getting people to sample the site really helps. The more readers who subscribe, the better we’ll be…

  6. Have been having an email dialogue with Tinypass and hope to post a solution shortly. It may be that I refund the original amount and closeout the subscription, and those that are game to pay more can subscribe for a new amount. And am looking to include a “donate” button as well….

  7. Hello Sally,

    when i subscribed ,modestly. adjusted it to pay a little more . I thought people do that frequently if they can . Since there are a number of good projects I’d like to make at least a little contribution to that way, i’ll just have to adjust my funds ~
    Diwali now might be a good time for this. So get flowers, candles and sweets and clean the house : )

    Good energy to you
    that it may bring you what you need


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