When we installed a tall, narrow 13-inch-wide sliver medicine cabinet in our newly renovated and very minimalist bathroom, little did we know that it would do more than provide storage for essential toiletries. The mirror door is backed by white-glazed steel, a perfect “clean slate” to which we could affix signs, reminders and images that would stay out-of-site until the door was opened.

Our trick to easy posting and swapping-out of images: magnets, which we use all over the Laboratory. We love being able to see Brancusi, Miro AND our summary of Dr. John Sarno’s approach to dealing with back (and other) pain. We compiled it years ago from his book Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. We have kept it in sight for years to view daily and find that it has helped us go from chronically back pain-ridden to an ache once-in-a-blue moon.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Over the years we’ve bought a slew of magnets in different sizes and thicknesses from K&J Magnetics. Their site has lots of info about magnets. We found buying a selection of samples taught us the most. We used magnets to affix our Take Your Shoes Off Sign to our steel apartment door, among other things. One of these days we’ll do a post on them.

Post-It notes also work fine on the medicine cabinet door, as with this essential memo from our 12-year-old friend Amyra:

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider


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3 replies on “Hidden Art + Reminders on a Medicine Cabinet Door

  1. “We compiled it years ago from his book Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection.”

    Do you think you would be willing to post that compilation – I think it would be great for some of us to see.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Sally,

    New member here – love all your antidotes to the ordinary. Saw this in one of the older posts; it sounds great. Couldn’t find the story; has it been posted? Thanks!

    ”Coming soon: a bathtub-obsessed renovator’s search for the perfect 5-foot alcove tub and how she made it REALLY comfortable”
    – mary

  3. Sorry, I haven’t gotten it together yet. It’s been tricky getting the photos done in the small space. But I WILL do it. Lots of good ideas. And THE tub that works for bath aficionados. Thanks for the reminder.

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