(Video link here) At Improvised life, we often preach saying YES….but here’s the catch: Sometimes saying yes to what’s right for us also means saying no to things we feel obligated to do…things we may do because of some old-fashioned guilt, or because others are making us feel like we “have to”. In a recent talk at Yale School of Drama, Lady Gaga, a singer known for her limit-pushing, self-empowering live performances and fashion, preached some valuable lessons on being true to yourself and the power of saying no:

“It is your right to curate your life and your own perspective”.

Alexis Martinez/Flickr
Alexis Martinez/Flickr

We think it’s her strong philosophy that’s kept her creative spirit from going down the sad spiral so many pop stars have fallen into.

Our take away:  You don’t actually have to do anything you don’t want to do OR if you do, because of economic or other realities, you can be aware of the choices you are making for now, and keep your eye on where you really need to be. Edit the “not you’s” down as much as possible.

We find the video of her conversation about her foundation, her creative path and method to be really inspiring, especially this bit. She’s a joy to listen to!

Mira Keras

Image via Alexis Martinez/Flickr 


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