During the Improvised Life’s recent extended technology fail, Editor-at-Large David Saltman insisted I watch Jerry Seinfeld’s interview of Barack Obama in the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. NOT just to take my mind off my troubles but to put them in perspective when I was asking the big Whys? and What ifs?

Saltman, a seasoned journalist, says it’s the best interview of a President he’s ever seen because they really talk, about everything, from where Obama can walk around in his underwear to this very essential question…

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’d selected the perfect clip from the 19 minute interview but it and access via YouTube has been disabled. If you want to see the actual clip you have to watch the whole interview —including ad; you can’t just jump to the spot we love— at Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (It’s worth it. The Best minute for us starts at about 14:50-16:10.

In the best clip, Obama asks Seinfeld the same question Seinfeld had asked him earlier: how he keeps his humanity/sanity/ego in check in a sea of phonies, madmen and bloodsuckers. “You seem pretty normal. How did you calibrate dealing with this? ”

Seinfeld answers, “It was because I fell in love with the work. And the work was joyful and difficult and interesting, and that was my focus”.

THAT was the reality check Saltman wanted me to see!

Work on Improvised Life IS joyful and difficult and interesting and deeply rewarding largely because of its committed creative, generous, curious, awesome community, many of whom who reached out to help me navigate the crisis, and share the joyful, difficult and interesting work THEY do. It’s quite a saga that I’ll start reporting soon (recuperation needed).

Seinfeld and Obama “On Falling in Love with the Work”

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2 replies on “Seinfeld and Obama “On Falling in Love with the Work”

  1. My darling Sal,

    I was ready to call Maria when your site was down.
    First, to check on you, my dear. I couldn’t imagine what might had transpired.
    Now I understand, the empty white page must have been agonizing for you and your staff!

    I welcome you back as I would my dearest old friend of thirty-five years…
    A confidant of hidden beauty within our topsy turvy electronic world.
    Sally vision from the simple to the sublime. Ever thoughtful, at times magical, more often inspirational.
    Thank you for returning after six long days of silence…
    You are surely loved!

  2. Thank you Megan, who I made puff pastry by hand with, using a huge rolling pin to beat it…and foie gras…and brandade de morue…and civet de lapin (remember THAT)…35 years ago when we were prep cooks dressed in big white aprons…How did we get from there to here????? We are HERE!!!! STILL!!!! XOXO

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