When Dr. John Kitchen was deep into the “middle third” of his life, he abandoned his career and moved to a studio apartment near San Diego’s Pacific Beach. There he practiced what gave him the most joy: skating on the promenade, in a way that makes him feel like he is flying, in a realm of “pure connectedness”.

The impetus for his radical life change was the answer a very old man gave him years before when Kitchen asked “What is the secret to living so long?”

Do what you want to do.

Which is what he eventually did. Josh Izenberg’s 16 minute film about Kitchen, aka Slowmo, is riveting.

Although not everyone has the financial wherewithal to opt out completely, we figure there are many opportunities daily to chose to do what you want to do, and in doing that, move ever closer to what’s most meaningful.

Josh Izenberg

Read Izenberg’s Times OpEd about Slomo here.

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