Recently, a doctor I know asked me a remarkable question:

It got me honing into the moment.  What makes me feel good, in harmony and balance?  What is the thing that will help me shift, heal, move from discomfort into well-being?

Medicine can be so many things, rarely pills. (That doctor didn’t mean pills…)

My primary medicines are…


Sally Schneider

Music...(Bill Evan’s Peace Piece ALWAYS calms and shifts my view)


A walkabout…and in the process, discovering something amazing, right there in plain sight.  And walking is a perfect exercise, moving each side of the body in effortless rhythm.

Sally Schneider


A nap can be just the thing. A dose of rest, a reset to let energy find its way again. That is daily medicine.  I’m good at finding hidden spots to take a snooze.

Sally Schnieder


A poem, too, is the first medicine I take in the morning…

How cool if feels
To take a noonday nap
With my feet against a wall! 



Making something.  The best medicine for me is when I work with gold: pure concentration, flow, NOT thinking of anything other than what I am doing, melting, rolling, forming, hammering, twisting, casting, experimenting and all the time, listening to the metal…(All my stuff looks curiously ancient…)

Sally Schneider


“What is your medicine?” The answers are unique to each of us, surprising and powerful.

A friend who has been convalescing from a long illness has been thinking hard about it. He said:

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