We still check in to @mandypatinkin, the instagram of Many Patinkin and Katherine Kathryn Grody, despite their annoying son who asks goading questions as he films the videos. Grody has a way of talking turkey about aging that we first wrote about in @MandyPatinkin’s Heartening Reality Sandwiches: honest, sometimes ambivalent, funny, heartening.

This little tonifying video continues the conversation. If you’re on a computer, click to make it full screen to let Grody really talk to you.

Onward to believing that you can surprise yourself, you can have adventures and learn things that you never thought were possible, that you wouldn’t have been able to learn in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s…

That you can still surprise yourself, you can still meet extraordinary people, you can get up in the morning and be glad you’re still breathing as opposed to getting up and thinking “Oh my God, what did I do yesterday, everything hurts? Oh well, that’s right, I’m still fucking here.”


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