A couple of weeks ago, after we posted our invitation/plea to become a ‘friend with benefits’ and support ‘the improvised life’, we received quite an outpouring of support, from subscription sign-ups to one-time donations to messages of how much our daily postings mean to our readers. Our favorite was this one:


Love your work and look forward to each installment. I just donated to you and would like to remain anonymous if possible. If not, please just put ‘Gratitude’.  


In lieu of a link that says Gratitude (where would it go?), we made this sign, which is really what WE feel: pure gratitude for what we get to do daily and the amazing exchange and community we find ourselves living in, that is ‘the improvised life’. Thank you deeply.

You’ve made Mr. Hamilton very happy…

$10 bill with Alexander Hamilton smiling
photo: dese’rae l. stage + grafitti: sally schneider

To join our roster of ‘friends with benefits’ and support ‘the improvised life’s mighty daily effort, click here. 

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One thought on “gratitude to our ‘friends with benefits’

  1. Hi I tried to make a 200.00 dollar donation last night and it wouldn’t let me do it as it only was allowing me to make the 2 amounts that you had suggested. Please help. Thanks. Love you

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