Last week, we were working away when suddenly we felt the air change. We looked out the window to see a storm cloud right out of a Disney movie: ominous swirls of gray collecting on the horizon. A fierce wind was whipping through the trees in the park across the way. All we could do was STOP. We sat on the terrace as the storm rolled in, amazed. And despite all the work and to-do’s on our plate, Nature seemed to be reminding us to look, LOOK at what’s going on here.  Here was something WAY bigger and fiercer than we could ever have imagined, that, at the same time, we realized we were part of and partly, the cause of it.

As the sh*t hits the fan around us in so many people’s lives, we find ourselves saying “the hell with it”, and taking time out, to look, bear witness, be here, instead of on a computer or in the future.

Here’s an even more amazing picture of that storm, by Ryan Brenizer:

Derecho '12 in New York City
photo: Ryan Brenizer

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One thought on “when nature reminds you to stop what you are doing

  1. my favorite post. The view, the fact that you stopped, the fact the view is right outside your lab. GOOD GOING! GOOD PAUSING. GOOD BEING. (good night!)

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