i phone camera lens protector
photo: sally Schneider

Artist Holton Rower, of 3,000,000+ YouTube hits fame, (not to mention inventor of fabulous leather door pulls) takes all his tools very seriously, including the camera on his phone. It has a lens that is precision, easily damagable glass, just like any other good camera. You wouldn’t put a camera in your bag without its lens cap on, so why do it with your phone? We hadn’t thought of this obvious fact; Holton did. He devised an insta-lens cap: a piece of blue masking tape, which leaves no residue, and be “opened” and “closed” many times before it need replacing.

Simple, efficient, smart!

(And if you don’t like Holton’s rough look, snip the tape cleanly across with a scissors to make a more graphical embellishment.)

Thanks Holton!

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2 replies on “d-i-y i-phone camera lens protector

  1. I wouldn’t on my life do that to a lens. “leaves no residue” happens when you use it and remove it fast enough. leave it for a week and you’re screwed. Let it heat up in your car or purse in a warm spot and you’re screwed. Nuh, uh. No way.

  2. The iPHones lens is set into the body of the camera about 3/8 or so of an inch so the tape does not touch it. It just keeps other things from knocking against it.

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