Photo :  Henri Del Olmo
Photo : Henri Del Olmo
Just as we were finishing our post about LED illuminating tree trunks, we found this image of a thick tree trunk side table/stool where vivid red paint was used to draw attention to the split in the wood. It was also stenciled.
More possibilities from the tree trunk logs we hauled home after Hurricane Sandy.
Update: We’ve just learned the side table is the work of designer Roxane Beis. Stay tuned for more of her work.

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3 replies on “craftily painted tree trunk furniture

  1. It is A carved “side table”
    You can find more models on my webside :

    roxanebeis. com

    Thank you !

  2. Thanks for letting us know who made it. I’ll amend the post. So great to know about your work. Will do another post from the trove on your website.

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