Marco Stefanneli's log lamps

Since hauling several huge hunks of fallen trees home after Hurricane Sandy, we’ve been attuned to interesting ways of transforming them. We especially love Italian designer Marco Stefanelli‘s idea of illuminating the splits and cracks in the wood with LEDs (he embeds them in resin), and the thinking behind creating his wonderful luminous stools and tables:

 I wanted to take inspiration from the research of natural objects that, in some ways, have reached their final step in the life cycle. They are for example sawmill’s outlets, pieces of urban architecture, logs carried by the river, firewood…

I have tried to give these pieces a second chance, tempting to make the light come out from the material and to amplify the sensorial experience.

Italian designer Marco Stefanneli's log lamps

Italian designer Marco Stefanneli's log lamps

Italian designer Marco Stefanneli's log lamps

via Kim Sykes via Architect Magazinephotos courtesy Marco Stefanelli

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