The image of a Khan market storefront in Delhi spotted on Ouno got us thinking about strangely beautiful walls of stacked logs can be. We’ve blogged some in the past, but recently found some new iterations of the great, elemental and possibly practical idea. Check out this chic wall in Alpenstueck restaurant in Berlin:

…And then there’s the tiny “log cabin” recording studio Piet Hein Eek designed for entertainer Hans Liberg, forged of logs that cover a plastic and steel frame.

…and this rustic wall of logs that defines a property and gives privacy…

We’re not kidding ourselves. The wood has to be the right quality, cut just right and stacked thoughtfully. Still, such an interesting use for such an ordinary material…

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One thought on “the unexpected stylishness of walls of stacked logs

  1. The other great thing about stacked logs is the ancient building technique using 12″-36″ logs and mortar or cob: cordwood! A cordwood structure has the advantages of a DIY possibility, aesthetically pleasing, highly insulating and a technique that uses what typically is tossed or chipped: log ends!

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