We love this bed made of shipping pallets that the endlessly clever Swedish designer Maliin Stoor built for her daughters: a chain of LEDs illuminates it from underneath. Here are details, translated from Swedish (we hope accurately enough):

“Lights under the bed…Inspired by a hotel I recently stayed in…I bought a light chain and put it under the bed. (When we cast the concrete slab we made sure to fix a number of electrical plugs in the floors, even one under the bed. I felt smart!) The girls think it’s really nice and hoped that the loop shone all night, but the loop is set on a timer and is on from five o’clock to half-eleven; it works for us …”



Amazon sells 24″ LED bars and linkable LEDs with double-sided tape for affixing anywhere. We’re big fans of appliance on/off timers which we we find endlessly useful. They turn off our reading light after we have fallen asleep, and turn on a sunlight box to wake us in the morning…


via Qreate

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12 replies on “led-illuminated shipping pallet bed

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking for the perfect bed to construct and couldn’t find what I wanted. Now I must get my hubby to help me make this!!!!! I am in love with this project!!!!

  2. muchas felicidades por mostrar tantas ideas bnas que nos ayudaran a reciclar y poder dar utilidad a todo lo que desechamos

  3. totally love this DIY Bed frame and the lights just add some ambiance to it. Very tastefully done and inviting 🙂

  4. Parabéns,parabéns, parabéns. você é simplesmente brilhante.
    você pode ensinar o passo a passo para essa linda cama iluminada?
    como gostaria de ter uma!

  5. I’m loving the pallet bed frame…but I think I’m missing something, the INSTRUCTIONS. Web site with instructions?

  6. Hi, a link to the site where we found the idea is at the bottom of the page. Or here. As I recall, there weren’t many specifics about how to build the bed, though if you look closely, you can figure it out. I also recommended doing a SEARCH on Improvised Life for “Shipping Pallet”; there’s a trove of info and ideas from which ones are safe, how to take them apart and configure them.

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