(Video link here.) Although we love the spirit and thinking behind many of the  DIY projects we see online, we don’t love how visually off many look. They make our eyes hurt. So we’ve been tracking HomeMade Modern for some time now, consistently taken with their stylish, DIY-able home goods that reflect a Mission Statement after-our-own-hearts:

…our goal is to introduce ideas that aren’t just about acquiring objects but about managing resources in a way that’s useful and accommodates changing lifestyles. By providing easy-to-follow DIY recipes for creating modern home goods, we show that sturdy furnishings made from real materials like solid wood, concrete and steel can cost less than cheap, store-bought plastic and particle board furniture.

…. Every project that we publish is created with the belief that design is about communicating how and why something should be made. We want to inspire and encourage people to create heirloom quality goods with naturally durable materials.


Homemade Modern

Their latest creation, a Zig Zag Sofa, is a fine example: it looks great, is made of solid materials, and as we watched the video with thought of all sorts of ways we could tailor it. We really liked hearing and seeing the tightly edited details of  —and thinking behind — making it, including improvising  leather sofa cushions (with sources for materials.)


Homemade Modern

The site is exceptionally well designed. Each project includes a video, and detailed, downloadable steps. The only downside is the site is a bit ad-and-sponsor-heavy. Sigh.


Homemade Modern

Nevertheless, its packed with good ideas and tutorials that will teach you enough to let you improvise. And they LOVE concrete. Although we doubt we’ll cast our own kitchen counters (though we wouldn’t mind a concrete desktop….), we love knowing that we can use a plastic chair to mold concrete...

how to cut stone tiles to make marble planters...

…or a marble coffee table...

Homemade Modern

…This pipe shelving gives us ideas…

Homemade Modern

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