Amid the subtle hues of black in the negative images of Elisa Moro‘s photographs, only hands are in positive gray tones. “You are made of all the hands that have touched you” points to one of the great absences caused by the pandemic, the gift we have all taken for granted…

“You are made by all the hands that touched you” / Elisa Moro

… Touch: all the many ways we touch one another in the course of daily life, with friendship, love, support, caring… We hadn’t realized all the essential subtle touches that make up our experience until we viewed Moro’s images.

“You are made by all the hands that touched you” / Elisa Moro

A few months into the spring lockdown, I noticed that people wearing masks were finding ways to convey a smile, even though their actual smile was obscured. Since then, it’s felt like a new form of communication has been developing, to convey connection despite the constraints.

Moro’s photographs makes us wonder what a new form of affectionate touch/holding/comfort we might devise.

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