(Video link here.) D-i-y shipping pallet creations are among our most popular posts, largely we imagine because of all recyclable materials, pallets offer a cheap (or free) source of an entirely natural material: wood. We’ve done A LOT of posts about pallets – including how to tell a safe pallet from a possibly toxic one – and we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. We found a trove in this video put together by¬†The Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association; we lost count at 150 in the short 2:30 second video.

via Unconsumption

led-illuminated shipping pallet bed
the scoop on safe shipping pallets (shipping pallets 101)
ps: some possible dangers of wood shipping pallets
brilliant d-i-y pallet desks, tables, stairs
d-i-y: pallet chair (and stool and lamp)
for stylish d-i-y shipping pallet furniture: paint it black!
d-i-y shipping pallet vertical garden

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