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In the past month or so, two readers of ‘improvised life’ sent beautiful virtual bouquets in the form of emailed jpgs. You might think that a cyber bouquet would have little of the power or effect of a real one, but we’ve got to say, NOT SO.

Part of  the reason they were each so powerful was that they were unexpected: thoughtful, handmade gifts of beauty from people who we’d never met, but are connected to through ‘the improvised life’; they sent them to express concern, care, appreciation for the work we do.

The first were some hyancinths from Sahana, a long-time reader and thoughtful Commenter; it came out-of-the-blue when we’d abruptly taken the site dark in order to recuperate from the flu. We felt like a friend had sent us flowers. In fact, she had.

The most recent bouquet came  from Susan Dworski, who is fast becoming a regular contributor, with this note:

As more snow descends on your coast I’m wafting you the scent of vanilla orchids to fill your office. These little guys only bloom once a year. Like many white flowers, they attract moths and other night insects under the light of the moon. 
They have no scent until dusk falls, and then they release inimaginable amounts of perfume. If you’re in the room with a vanilla orchid you’d better open all door and windows to avoid asphyxiation.
Go forth and swoon!
Susan Dworski
Susan Dworski

We can IMAGINE the scent.

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  1. Oh, bummer! The link to the virtual flowers went to a 404 not found. I clicked on it a couple of times after reloading, hoping for intermittent reinforcement! I won’t hurt flowers by cutting them, so I was rather looking forward to seeing how this worked. 🙂

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